Friday, October 1, 2010

The Challenges of Getting Started

There are many challenges when it comes to getting started in Network Marketing.  The first challenge is getting started. Just filling out the application and qualifying is a challenge in itself.  So many people want to over think this business. I have learned now that if someone says “It’s interesting” after seeing the opportunity, my response is “I know it’s interesting that’s why I shared it with you”!
Next the person you sign up has to take action.  So many people I have signed up talked up such a big game but they never took action. What happened to them? I believe they went to someone who they respect and asked their opinion about what they were doing.  You don’t need anyone’s opinion to do this opportunity.  The other issue is I failed to push them to take action.  I did not challenge them to start immediately.  When you sign someone you need to help them to take action.  This is not babysitting or building their business for them.  This means “Hey John let’s get your contact list started, who did you think of when you saw this opportunity.  Have them start building a list the day they sign. 
Then ask them “Who do you know on this list that you call right now and get in front of.  When they tell you who respond with great here is the phone; call them.  Ask them if they are going to be home tonight.  When they respond with a yes then tell them we are coming over to show them an amazing opportunity.  Remind them to be excited! Help your new business partner to set the first appointment.  I wish I would have had this advice when I started!
There has to be a self belief system within us.  We have to believe we can do this business.  Then we have to take action.  Some of the best advice we got was to establish a WHY.  A WHY is the reason you are doing the business.  Your WHY needs to be powerful. It needs to make you cry every time you think about it.
Next you have to believe in the company.  It does not matter what company it is; if you don’t believe in it the business will not work for you. Don’t make the mistake of making sure you know every single thing about the opportunity.  You don’t need to understand all of it.  When you start a job day one do you know every detail of it?  The answer for most is absolutely not why should this be any different?
 We realized very quickly this was not comfortable. I come from a law enforcement background. I was concerned about reputation and what people thought.  I was terrified of rejection.  If you want to be successful you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and you have to fail.  You cannot succeed without failure in this business. It’s a humbling experience. We became very frustrated very quickly.  We were getting more no’s than yes’s. It really slowed us way down. It was not until I learned every no brings me closer to a yes that I began to advance in this industry.


I am a part time network marketer for an amazing company. If you would like to learn more about me and what I am doing to create a better life for my family check out my website This blog is going to be used as a place to reach out to fellow network marketers from all walks of life. This will be a place to share ideas and share trials and tribulations.  I am very excited to meet marketers throughout the world and see if I can compare their challenges with my own.

I am going to share my stories both good and bad that have happened to me over the first eight months. I will invite my team to come on here and read these stories and share theirs as well. This will be a place to vent but please be professional.  This is suppose to be a learning environment. I look forward to meeting with you as we share our journey together through network marketing. I will try to post on here weekly to keep this blog going.

I look forward to our conversations and debates!